Your Weekend Now

Monday. Tomorrow is Monday. This weekend we're featuring the little things that help contributor Dylan Mangahis get through the week. Help him, help you.

Sense by hello

This little device tracks your sleep and also has a built-in smart alarm clock. With the help of a small clip that attaches to your pillow, it tells you when you had light, medium, or deep sleep, when you were tossing and turning, and the smart alarm clock goes off when you are in light sleep near your set time to help you not be so groggy in the morning. This helps when you wake up around 6:30am like I do.

Seda France candle

I really like fragrances, and this candle that I get from Coming Soon smells SOOO good. It smells just like the Diptyque BAIES candle, but at about half the price and twice the size. Easily one of my favorites candles, especially when I have company over.

Notes: rhubarb, white peach, passion fruit

Stamford "Stress Relief" incense

I usually like to light one of these after I get home, especially after a long day. I can't even describe the fragrance, but it's so good, and so affordable at Blue Moon Tea. The shipping might cost you more than your actual order, but at about $2 for 20 sticks, I think it's still a deal.

Notes: lavender, orange blossom, thyme

Serpentine Eau de Toilette by Comme des Garçons & Serpentine Galleries

I meant it when I said I really like fragrances. Comme des Garçons's and Serpentine Galleries's Serpentine is my favorite for the summer. It's a unisex fragrance that is very subtle and light, noticeable only when someone gets close. Even the packaging is a work of art-- artist Tracy Emin drew a couple embracing on the box, and on the bottle itself, she scrawled, "The Grass, The Trees, The Lake, And You"... so poetic.

Notes: Grass, leaves, pollen (galbanum, iris leaf), oxygen (aldehyde, ozone), asphalt (black musk, nutmeg), labdanum, smoked cedar with a little bit of pollution (benzoin, juniper wood, guaiac wood)