Vivian • Technical Designer


Technical Designer, 
Alice + Olivia    

We met up at some bougie Palo Alto yogurt spot to catch up. Viv and I had gone to college at UC Davis together, she was doing something like working at an optometrist office in SF and I was trying the fashion game out.

I can't remember if it was before or after the yogurt but Viv let out a big breath, with thoughtfulness, and told me she was considering going into fashion. And I was taken aback but not entirely surprised. Her? Optometry? Please.

I was more nervous that she wouldn't be able to land a job or find the right connects, we had graduated after all. But when you're Vivian Lee (and your mom is Mama Lee) you make it work and you get what you want. After some time in LA at Fremont, after a few years at BCBG she made the inevitable move to Brooklyn, straight to BK, skipped over Manhattan all together and is currently killing it as one of the technical designers (a very specific job) at Alice + Olivia.  —Sarah Kim

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Photography: Minnow Park



Gather, more than a coffee shop. It's how you want to cook and live everyday, but you can't because there aren't enough hours in the day. Park slope, 7th Ave. and 9th St.

341 7th Ave., BKLYN




Online. Always. Also, The Bad Wife.  Best bodega/mini grocery. Their plant selection will put all others to shame.

378 7th Ave. #1, BKLYN



In my room, with the curtains closed.



The train and long walks home when there's just no train to be had.



Home, in my apartment before I sleep.


Take a girl friend:

Tenoverten for awesome mani/pedis.

 132 W Houston St, 2nd Fl., NYC



The Meatball Shop for pitchers of sangria... oh and food.

200 9th Ave., NYC



Take a guy friend:

I'll tell you when I get there.


Tourist attraction:

Does walking through the West Village count? How pristine are those houses?!