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Owner, Sprout Home

There’s an art that takes place when it comes to cold calling. Or cold emailing. See, for this feature, I didn’t meet Tassy through a friend of a friend or anything like that. It was straight up, find the contact page and pray someone actually reads the info@ email. Sure you can be as flattering as you want, but you don’t want to come off sounding like a huge fan girl, even if that’s really what you are. The whole thing is so dependent on who is on the receiving end.

When I got the email back from info@ who happened to be owner, Tassy de Give saying sure she’d love to be featured, nonchalantly and with kindness, all of my fears were settled. She taught us who to make a terrarium, she surprisingly told us she didn’t know about plants at all before working at Sprout Home and that while she had always known she had wanted to move to New York, her expectations were doubled in every way. All of that from a cold call. —Sarah Kim    

For the full archived interview, click here.

Photography: Minnow Park





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