Tara • Brand Architect


We met over the summer in the middle of Times Square. Tara had just gotten out of a yacht party that I was unfortunate enough to miss and the first thing she said was, "cool glasses." (Naturally, they were SUPER). We later headed to the Bowery Hotel to don real floral wreaths while listening to A$AP Rocky and A$ASP everyone else well into the night. When you meet over a perfect summer day like that, you can't really help but stay friends. 

You'd swear Tara is from the West Coast, with her chill personality and her surfing and painting ways. Though she's spent some time there, (and rushed back to New York with the quickness) she claims Wisco' and can hang with like one of the dudes while still being everyone's favorite girl. What other chick do you know who would describe her style as "ambiguous concrete wave" and would search out two different Taco Bell locations because you both needed to experience all that the Dorito taco had to offer? None other than TJWisco'. Sarah Kim

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Photography: Minnow Park

Go-To Spots:


St. Balmain on N 8th. They have an backyard with cute picnic tables and wifi, plus their avocado toast is out of this world!

178 North 8th St., BKLYN




Artist and Craftman Supply on Metropolitan. Every time I walk in there I buy something. Last time I walked out with canvas, oil pastels, and a big foam shark mask. Don't ask.

761 Metropolitan Ave., BKLYN




Anywhere my friends are DJing... or my living room. I'm mean with the Spotify mixes.



Rockaways 67th St. I take the train out and just listen to the waves.

Beach 67th St., QNS



Down by the water off N 8th. There's a small little beach there by the rocks.

90 Kent Ave., BKLYN


Take a girlfriend:

Brother Jimmys. People hate on it, but it's like my Cheers. I meet up with my girls weekly there to get wings, whiskey and catch up.

116 East 16th St., NYC



Take a guy friend:

Sweet Chick on Bedford. I can beast some chicken and waffles.

164 Bedford Ave., BKLYN



Tourist attraction:

MoMA. I am a member and love walking around and getting lost in art.  

11 West 53rd St., NYC