HOMME • Summers

Meet Alex and Chris

Founders, Summers Brooklyn

New York native meets a California dude. They bond over surfing and food and out comes Summers Brooklyn, the go-to juice and sandwich spot in Williamsburg. When Taha and Alex met at Clinton Street Baking Company, (Alex is a part of the CSBC family, Taha well acquainted in the restaurant world) the ideas for their own brand grew quickly. With egg sandwiches made with Clinton Street biscuits and Sriracha as an ingredient, Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and juices that serve the yoga expert and fashion designers like Mara Hoffman, Summers Brooklyn is the product of when great minds, and both coasts, come together. —Sarah Kim

Videography: Dace Willmott

Go-To Spots:


Alex: Samurai Mama

205 Grand St., BKLYN



Chris: Prosperity Dumpling

46 Eldridge St., NYC  



Alex: ID

232 Bedford Ave., BKLYN    


Chris: Uniqlo

139 Flatbush Ave., BKLYN




Alex: Local underground parties featuring local DJ's at new spots like: TBA, or The Paper Box etc...


224 Franklin St., BKLYN



The Paper Box 

17 Meadow St., BKLYN   



Chris: BOB BAR 

235 Eldridge St., NYC



Alex: The park on Grand and Kent, by the water

Grand St at River St., BKLYN  


Chris: The backyard at Saturdays.

31 Crosby St., NYC




Alex: The same park I think at

Grand St at River St., BKLYN


Chris: Nah. I don't read. Unless its BWOB.


Take a girl friend:  

Alex: Diner 

85 Broadway, BKLYN


Chris: That little park at the end of S 4th St and Kent Ave looking at the Willy B and Manhattan


Take a guy friend:    

Alex: Iona 

180 Grand St., BKLYN


Chris: The Commodore

366 Metropolitan Ave., BKLYN



Tourist attraction:    

Alex: Northside of Williamsburg


Chris: Staten Island Ferry

Whitehall Terminal, 4 South St., NYC