Shirley Bryant • Misc


Eat: Dokebi and Little Dokebi

It is consistently delicious and close to where I live and work. 

Dokebi, 199 Grand St. Williamsburg


Dance: My living room

We have a 2 year old so going out is a bit limited, but toddlers are great dancers and always game for a mid-day dance party.


Take a girl friend: Enid's

I used to go there years ago for the bar scene but now tend to go earlier because it's actually really kid friends and right on the park.

Enid's, 560 Manhattan Ave. 


Take a guy friend: Calexico on Manhattan Avenue

A margarita pitcher and some fish tacos is just right for an early night out.

Calexico, 645 Manhattan Ave. 


Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Amanda Alborano & Anthony Tafuro