Rockie Nolan +

Dance: Skinny Dennis

I am more of a wallflower than a dancer when I’m out, but Skinny Dennis is a safe bet for a good time (if you can handle cheap drinks and an endless supply of Willie Nelson tracks) They have a frozen coffee drink spiked with whiskey, perfect for when it’s late and you need caffeine to keep going, or a post-brunch treat on a hot afternoon.

Skinny Dennis
152 Metropolitan Ave., BKLYN


Think: Transmitter Park

It’s the perfect distance for a nice bike ride from Williamsburg and there are plenty of empty nooks where you can zone out away from everyone. I love to sit on the rocks by the water.

Transmitter Park
Greenpoint Ave., BKLYN


Read: My roof

Hardly anyone is ever up there and the view is wonderful when my eyes get tired of focusing on the book pages.


Take a girlfriend: Calexico

Their crack sauce haunts my dreams and they make great margs. Bonus: Petland is a nice walk up the street on Manhattan Ave., so you can walk off the 5lbs of mexican food and pet chinchillas after.

645 Manhattan Ave., BKLYN

Tourist attraction: Rockaway Beach

There is nothing more satisfying than going to the beach on a warm weekday when the only other people there are a few surfers. Tourist attractions are great for people watching, but I prefer to go to them when they are as secluded as possible.


Interview: Madeline Turner
Photography: Mor Weizman