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Eat: Fritzl's Lunchbox

Best burger in Brooklyn and dare-i-say all of NYC. Just go there. I mean, all of the other food is delicious as well and the menu is small so you don’t get overwhelmed, but that burger, I’m drooling thinking of it. My roommate worked there for a bit and I was probably eating there every week. That was an amazing moment in time. They also have Pies n’ Thighs Pies so you’ll leave full and happy every time.

Fritzl's Lunchbox

173 Irving Ave., BKLYN



Read: Brooklyn Art Library

Now here’s a place that you can get lost in, figuratively of course. Have you heard of it?  So the Sketchbook Project is this awesome concept. You order a sketchbook from them, do anything you want with it, and mail it back. The Brooklyn Art Library is one of the homes for all these amazing sketchbooks from all over the world. It’s such a magical place to be able to view these intimate pieces of art and discover new things. 

Brooklyn Art Library

103A N 3rd St., BKLYN



Dance: Baby's All Right

I like Baby’s All Right because it’s both spacious and cozy at the same time. In fact it’s a venue that offers a multitude of things. I’ve been there for shows and I’ve been there for parties. I’ve even just met a few friends there for a drink. It’s one of those places that you can just end up at and have a good time. They also have crocodile’s holding lamps in their mouths. That’s always a plus.

Baby's All Right

146 Broadway, BKLYN


Think: Odd Fellows Ice Cream

Ice cream is the best. It’s even better when it’s handmade. Odd Fellows Brooklyn location is their flagship store so their ice cream is as fresh as you can get it. They have different flavors every day as well so you’ll never get sick of them. Plus they’re all good, even the out of the ordinary ones. I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Odd Fellows Ice Cream

175 Kent Ave., BKLYN



Riley is a sales associate at Opening Ceremony at The Ace Hotel and also writes for Opening Ceremony's blog. For more information Meet Riley Gallagher. 

Photography: Dylan Mangahis