Riley Gallagher • Boobie Trap

Take a guy friend:

Hey, I like boobs as much as the next guy, as well as a good joke, oh and BBQ. Combine these ingredients into a bar with board games and you get Boobie Trap. I haven’t even been that often and it’s still my new favorite place. They have a skeleton in the doorway to greet you when you walk in and if you’re lucky you can take some shots with the bartenders. Play some Connect Four. You’re golden. It’s golden. I love it. PS. They have a jar full of hair-ties glued to the toilet tank, it’s very thoughtful.

Boobie Trap
308 Bleecker St., BKLYN



Riley is a sales associate at Opening Ceremony at The Ace Hotel and also writes for Opening Ceremony's blog. For more information Meet Riley Gallagher. 

Photography: Dylan Mangahis