Recho Omondi +

Think: The Shower

It's the only place where I feel like no one is allowed to bother me. I like my showers really hot. Like I want to be on the brink of passing out kind of hot. The hotter the better. When I turn on the water, I'll wait until it's so hot it burns my skin and then turn it down a pinch from there and that's the perfect temperature. Ask anyone who knows me, I love heat in general. 


Dance: My Living Room

I trained as a dancer for 10+ years when I was younger. I was really extroverted and into performance art as a young one. But somehow over the years, I've regressed to keeping it in my living room. 


Take a girl friend: MoMa Sculpture Garden

If I had nothing to do all day and needed some serious girl time, I'd take us to the roof of the Museum of Modern Art. It's more of a spring/summer activity but it's such a relaxing place to catch up where I don't feel a sense of time. For someone who's always aware of the time, I'm in a more childlike state up there. It's kind of surreal, you're in this big garden full of ponds and large scale, breathtaking sculptures. It's quite a charming place to spend quality time with your homegirl. 


11 W. 53rd St., NYC



Recho Omondi is a designer. She had her first presentation this past New York Fashion Week. Meet Recho