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Meet Recho Omondi


Recho Omondi and I were in the same room the night of our BWOB001 issue release x Sincerely Tommy grand opening party last fall, but didn’t meet. She saw our BWOB001 issue and pointed out the lavender WuTang ice cream cone by Tisha Cherry, noting that lavender was one of the color themes for her first official presentation. The NYFW debut was a success all around, but Recho will tell you while successful, it was also a huge learning.

We finally forreal met, post fashion week, at the beautiful Sincerely Tommy again, when Phoebe Lovatt and Kai Avent-deLeon put on a panel about women who do creative work, discussing the importance of being on the same team and connecting with women who get it. 

I learned very quickly that Recho is a woman who gets it. 

Driving from her Bed Stuy apartment to her studio in the LES, we talked about the great aspects of being an artist in New York right now, the joys and struggles of the Internet and its ability for visibility but the unfortunate weight of importance in quantity over quality. 

As she told us about a spontaneous trip to SXSW a few years back, out of her character but all worth it, we weighed what it looks like to plan but to hold those plans loosely. Learning how and when to be spontaneous, knowing things work out the way they are supposed to. Walking into her apartment and seeing our BWOB001 page on her mood board, just made the point all the more clear. Sarah Kim

Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Kelsea Kosko



It's a great farm-to-table cafe down the street from the studio so it's just a no brainer. It's my go-to place for taking lunch meetings or grabbing a drink after work. It's small and intimate but still welcoming and fuss free. Not to mention every single thing on their menu is so good. The menu isn't particularly fancy, more like a place you'd go for a great burger. I like that though-- simple things done really really well. 


85 Orchard St., NYC




It's beautifully curated home goods store, one that walks the fine line of gallery space and retail store and I love businesses who can do that well. There's only a handful in New York with this energy and Coming Soon is definitely one of the best. They always have dope in-store installations and their attention to detail is evident throughout the entire customer experience. For design junkies like myself, it's inspiring to hunt for other good brands. It's a great place place to buy gifts. They have everything from Tom Dixon candles to Japanese lip balm. If you're buying a gift for someone from Coming Soon, they're gonna know you put some thought into it. 

Coming Soon

37 Orchard St., NYC




On my couch. Doesn't have to be my couch but it has to be in privacy and in quiet. I just finished The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. It's a must read for any young entrepreneur. I reference it all the time and it's offered me a lot of encouragement in regards to my own business. 



It's the only place where I feel like no one is allowed to bother me. I like my showers really hot. Like I want to be on the brink of passing out kind of hot. The hotter the better. When I turn on the water, I'll wait until it's so hot it burns my skin and then turn it down a pinch from there and that's the perfect temperature. Ask anyone who knows me, I love heat in general. 



I trained as a dancer for 10+ years when I was younger. I was really extroverted and into performance art as a young one. But somehow over the years, I've regressed to keeping it in my living room. 



If I had nothing to do all day and needed some serious girl time, I'd take us to the roof of the Museum of Modern Art. It's more of a spring/summer activity but it's such a relaxing place to catch up where I don't feel a sense of time. For someone who's always aware of the time, I'm in a more childlike state up there. It's kind of surreal, you're in this big garden full of ponds and large scale, breathtaking sculptures. It's quite a charming place to spend quality time with your homegirl. 


11 W. 53rd St., NYC