Meredith Graves • Milk and Roses

Eat: Milk and Roses, Jimmy's Diner, Cafe Riviera

Milk and Roses for eggs al pomodoro with polenta, Jimmy's Diner for catfish and tater tots (and to visit my friend Colin, who I love so much), the Cafe Riviera for flower macarons, Napoleons, and coffee with whole milk-- it's the best bakery in New York.

Milk and Roses
1110 Manhattan Ave., BKLYN

Jimmy's Diner
Union Ave., BKLYN 

Cafe Riviera
830 Manhattan Ave., BKLYN


Meredith is the singer of punk band Perfect Pussy and founder of Honor Press record label. Her writing can be found in Rookie Mag, i-D, The New York Times, and Observer, to name a few. 

Interview: Madeline Turner
Photography: Anthony Tafuro