Meet Rockie Nolan

Meet Rockie Nolan

Associate Photo Editor • Refinery29


From far away West Texas comes easy, breezy Rockie Nolan. After studying photography at SCAD, Rockie moved to New York in pursuit of a freelance photo career where she worked her way up the Refinery29 ladder from intern to Associate Photo Editor. Rockie's ethereal yet gritty aesthetic gives her photos a feminine edginess that stays true to her personal style. 

The day of our shoot was one of the hottest days of the summer (naturally), so Rockie's list was put to the test in terms of warm weather compatibility. Her apartment acted as our oasis for the day, filled with perfectly-kept succulents and plants that made us forget the overwhelming heat outside. Rockie had recently returned from a visit to her hometown in Texas and was settling into her fairly new (and expertly furnished) apartment, which she described as a spacious escape from her previously very small home. We all know there are few things greater than acquiring more space in Brooklyn.

With so many creative people around the city taking on multiple jobs, it's inspiring to meet a person like Rockie whose singular job gives her fulfilling creative freedom. Her very apparent good taste and approachable attitude indicate that her confidence comes from a true understanding of who she is and what she knows she was meant to do. 

Toward the end of our photoshoot, the conversation turned toward social media and the embarrassing number of Myspace-style selfies we had attempted to take as teenagers. While I cringed at the thought of mine, Rockie reflected on her experience with her selfies being stolen. A clothing company in Brazil had taken images from her Myspace page and used them on their t-shirts, which were being sold in mass quantities. Eventually, Rockie stopped the photos from being used, just so that her selfies could be stolen and used similarly a few years later. The point of the story is that Kim Kardashian may consider herself the queen of the selfie, but Rockie undoubtedly claims the OG selfie master title, and I think that should be known.

A devoted Brooklyn resident with a serious knack for keeping greenery looking its best, Rockie has a list of spots that will bring you from all-natural beauty product heaven to Jim Beam slushies. Enjoy.


Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Mor Weizman