Meet Meredith Graves

Meet Meredith Graves

Singer • Perfect Pussy / Founder • Honor Press

Meet Meredith Graves: Hardcore band frontwoman, record label founder, writer, baking enthusiast, style icon. 

Most well-known for her role as singer of Syracuse-born punk band Perfect Pussy, Meredith is the ultimate renaissance woman. Her demeanor can be best described as engaged. Whether she's the one speaking, the one listening, the one performing, or the one writing, an effort to be present and pay attention is no effort at all, it's just how she is. 

She recently founded a record label called Honor Press in the hopes that she could champion bands like Sacramento's So Stressed. You'd think that Meredith would just be looking forward to the next project for Honor Press, but the situation is quite the opposite...

She’s working on her first album, andnotorious for bringing baked goods to band practice and partiesshe’s also working on her first cookbook. The evening of our shoot, I was lucky enough to sample one of her culinary creations,  and this cookbook will be no joke. Tack on Meredith's knack for photography and writing (find her frequently on the Rookie Mag site) and you've got a killer combo. 

On our way out of Milk and Roses during our shoot, a fan recognized Meredith and told her how much she'd loved her DJ show the night before (yes, she DJs too). Instead of dropping a quick "thank you," Meredith took the opportunity to ask about what brought the girl and her friends to the show.  

Keep your ears open for her solo album, your eyes open for her articles, and your mouths open for her cookbook-worthy treats.

Interview: Madeline Turner
Photography: Anthony Tafuro