Meet Lauren Chung

Meet Lauren Chung

Stylist • Writer • DJ • Designer

Lauren Demith Chung (aka LOLOCHUNG) has made her name as a stylist, writer, DJ and designer. The multi-talented SCAD graduate started her New York journey after being invited up to help open Bookmarc in the West Village. Her mellow attitude, eloquence and passion about all things creative made it pretty clear why she was the natural choice to help open up a bookstore for Marc Jacobs.

Six years after her move, Lauren has jumped from Chelsea to Greenpoint to South Williamsburg to Bushwick, finding her perfect spot off the Dekalb L stop. Despite her love for her current neighborhood, she knows that each place she's lived has shaped her and helped her grow in some way, which is totally reflected in her list of favorite places. 

Lauren's apartment was the perfect place to start this shoot: Drawings and inspiration on the walls, prototypes for her jewelry collection on the table (watch out for this one), and an astounding collection of Interview.

She has styled for clients like Tracey Nicholson, Prada, Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler and Teen Vogue, DJed at Bar Below Rye and Paul's Baby Grand, and consulted with Phillip Lim, CFDA and Battenwear. With her work touching  so many varied areas in the city as well as reaching different names in fashion, Lauren has found a way to balance her time and do it the way she wants. 

With a well-behaved dog at home and a full roster of projects ahead, Lauren Chung is living her Brooklyn dream.

Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Mor Weizman