Hayley Champoux • Thrift Disco


Creative/Thrift Disco Founder

I’ve only known Hayley Champoux for a couple of months. But every time I’ve seen her, it’s my curious wonder and joy to see what outfit she’s carefully put together and with all confidence, pulled off. 

Hayley is from Ohio, but lives in Bushwick. She studied design and production at FIT, but works as a creative at Team Epiphany, making the pages of Nike.com/NYC come to life. But Hayley’s spunky, sweet, on another level attitude makes the one question you thought you had for her, multiply. “Creative” only just begins to describe her warm and intriguing personality.

Her favorite spots, prized possession and recent playlist very much show the many sides of the girl who once used to cheerlead, wonders where the Miss Sixty store that was on Broadway disappeared to and throws a little big deal of an event called Thrift Disco that’s taking place again for the fifth time on June 7th during Bushwick Open Studios at Lot 45. Think of it as a mini, curated flea of 13 vendors that only she could bring together.

In anticipations for that, we’re introducing you to Hayley this week so you can ask her all about her favorite vendors and makers at Thrift Disco, and while you’re there, find coffee, a drink or pizza at her go-to spots. 


Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Amanda Alborano of Basis NY