Meet Gia Seo

Meet Gia Seo

Stylist, Film Editor, Model


Gia Seo is the ultimate triple threat. Never at BWOB have we received so many feature suggestions for the same girl, and the Alaska native was just as effortlessly cool as she was described to be. With her bedroom walls covered with magazine cutouts and fashion spreads (beautifully curated, of course), it's clear that Gia is dedicated to creating with an appreciation for strong imagery.

Amidst high fashion imagery, Gia dug into a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos like a seasoned professional and told us about the Reebok shoot she worked with Alicia Keys. 

We ended our shoot at an underground mall in Chinatown where Gia showed us a small store packed with streetwear gold. Low-key, impeccable, for her, a very fitting favorite place to shop. I was excited to see that a young girl around 12 years old was working at the store. Gia had told us before we got there that this girl was pretty tough and saw the shop as her turf. When we walked in, she had her mug on so we knew she wasn't a little kid. Gia smiled at her and said she recognized her from the last time she came. Instantly, the girl cracked a smile.

Gia's the kind of person that makes you want to just be yourself and not think so hard about being you. Turns out that sometimes all it takes is a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos in a Greenpoint apartment to make that happen. 


Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Anthony Tafuro


Catch me in my bedroom eating Hot Cheetos and bobbin my little head to whatever the bae listens to! I wish I could find a final spot to settle down in to create my ideal room. Although for now, I've done my best to decorate, but never to grow too attached, I'm hoping this will be the last year that everything sits in its relative boxes and suitcases for the latter half of the year. Eventually when I settle, I think I'll take a different route and create a very minimalistic room. For now, I'll let it be in all its cluttered glory.