Meet Elizabeth Renstrom


Meet Elizabeth Renstrom

Photographer/Editor • Refinery 29


If there's anyone I know whose resumé looks like a list of today's most influential publications, it's Elizabeth Renstrom. From Bloomberg Businessweek to Nylon, Liz's poppy, colorful style has brought life to pages and webpages that are viewed (and coveted) all over the world. The last person to tell you how cool Liz Liz.

Having sat behind a lens opposite the oh-so-real women of Broad City, Internet sensation Grumpy Cat and the mind-melting music duo Purity Ring (to name a few of her subjects), Liz's eye for photography goes beyond skill. One of Liz's spots is a thrift store called Lion's Den, which sells used furniture and a variety of tchotchkes. "Thrift store" elicits fantasies of denim jackets and worn-in t-shirts abound, but for this self-proclaimed prop hoarder, the thought of finding a unicorn statue for a photo is more intriguing than finding a new addition to her closet.

Passionate people find ways to incorporate their vision into their lives outside of work, and Liz is a prime example of that. Her work a clear reflection of her nature: breezy, intriguing, unpretentious. Not to mention the bright turquoise walls in her room could have easily served as the backdrop for one of her photos for Covergirl.

As someone who yearns for the 90's almost daily, Liz's fusion of tween daydreams and science experiments is food for the soul. Think Lisa Frank meets Goosebumps. Sculptures made of burnt Beanie Babies, still-life scenes littered with that "s" that everyone in 5th grade drew in their notebook, Liz's work is nostalgia done right. 

This week, follow us as we follow Elizabeth to some of her go-to places. 


Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Mor Weizman