Meet Chloe Dewberry

Meet Chloe

Co-Founder • Jars / Blog Editor • Opening Ceremony 

As a blog editor at Opening Ceremony and one of the founders of JARS NYC, Chloe Dewberry is an inspiration to freelancers everywhere. She has found a niche as a creator and curator in a city where art, culture and lifestyle are listed somewhere on everyone's résumé. When I met Chloe, her patch-covered jeans and bleach-blonde curls proved to be a natural intro to her upbeat, free-spirited vibe. After shooting at her apartment, our plan was to head north to Beacon's Closet in Greenpoint and hit her other spots along the way. Making BWOB history, Chloe grabbed a bag of clothes to sell when we got there, a subtle indication of her ability to make her time as productive as possible. Luckily for us, being productive also included grabbing trays of fried chicken and checking out one of the only true dive bars left on Bedford. —Madeline Turner  

This week, follow us as we follow Chloe to some of her go-to places. 


Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Anthony Tafuro



Hmm…that's a toughie. I used to end my nights out with my girls at the White Castle on Metropolitan, but since it closed we're still looking for the perfect spot to end a night out. RIP WHITE CASTLE <3

White Castle

1545 Myrtle Ave., BKLYN