Meet Cherie Camacho and Saada Ahmed


I met Cherie Camacho maybe three years ago at DJ Kitty Cash's birthday dinner. And since that meeting, Cherie has become my style icon. No lie. She is style. Changing up hair, lip, designer with ease. Not surprising when you find out she also belongs to the team at Opening Ceremony.

Then there's Saada Ahmed who holds a brunch party called Everyday People which I've heard about from multiple friend groups, a testament to how it truly is for everyone. I'll add, everyone with style and people who shine dancing down a soul train line. When she's not casually modeling for places like J. Crew, she's organizing and hosting the brunch that has outgrown its space in the LES and has made stops in other cities around the states. 

And when I approached the two separately about featuring them I had no idea they were roommates. But cool attracts cool. And when they asked if they could be featured together, we naturally said yes. 

We spent the day walking around Brooklyn, recollecting the craziest Everyday People Brunch moments, what designers Cherie is into these days, their interaction across the world in a Google hangout when Saada was looking for a name and coming up with "Everyday People," talking about their Instagram posts that chronicle the many events the two of them get invited to and their favorite places to do all of the above things.

This week follow us as we follow Cherie and Saada to their favorite spots. 

Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Jasmine Kim

Take a girl friend: Marietta

SA: I am obsessed with their blue crab spaghetti. Its a great spot to catch up with a girlfriend and people watch. 

CC: For drinks and delicious food! Marietta is conveniently located in our neighborhood. I like to go there for brunch or for a late night "kiki"/planning session with my girls!


285 Grand Ave., BKLYN