Meet Ashley Outrageous



Content Curator/Creator

Florida native turned Bushwick resident, Ashley Ocampo aka Ashley Outrageous recalls the quote from our BWOB Alum, Tara Johnson that sealed the deal for her Brooklyn move. “Ma, I’m moving to Brooklyn!” is what the small girl with a huge personality recollected when she told us about reading our site. It was only a matter of time before she was featured. 

Music was first, now it’s everything in and around music for Miss Outrageous. From being the director of digital media at TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment, aka SZA and Kendrick Lamar’s label), being friends with every relevant rapper, to working on collaborations with friends who are just as cool as her, to finding ways to help brands shine, Ashley hit the ground running the second she landed in Brooklyn. No signs of stopping anytime soon. —Sarah Kim





Take a girl friend: DryBar

I like to call Dry Bar "Clutch Master Flex" because when I have those days where my hair looks crazy but I don't have a second to go home and fix it or do something myself, Dry Bar will hook you up quick! But even if my hairs not looking crazy and it's just a good ol' Friday afternoon, what girl doesn't like getting a nice blow-out? Let me also state that their line of hair care products has the most amazing scents ever! There's been numerous times I was asked what perfume I was wearing when it wasn't perfume at all, it was the Mai-Tai Spritzer spray I use to get that beach wave look :)

They also offer you wine and mimosas sooooooooo.... 

Dry Bar

4 W. 16th St., NYC