Meet Arielle Sherman

Meet Arielle Sherman

Film Editor

Everyone has that one friend that they can count on for a straight-up, no BS, get-your-shit-together kind of conversation. However, most people can't say that it's the same friend they can count on to lead them to a seedy Bulgarian club (complete with an ice cage) and make them love it. Luckily, this person does exist and her name is Arielle Sherman. Hailing from the ample, green hills of Northern California, Arielle came to New York to make waves in the film industry. Aside from being immune to the global obsession with celebrities (stories about her run-ins with Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, and the like are rarely told), Arielle is not one to brag about the tremendous strides she's made for someone who's only 25.

I was honored and excited when Arielle agreed to be featured on BWOB not only because she is one of my favorite people on the planet, but also because she is an expert at balancing her intense professional life with her social life: a coveted skill in this city. I have no doubt that the places on her go-to list will become a staple for anyone who decides to go for themselves. 

This week, follow us as we follow Arielle to some of her go-to places.

Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Mor Weizman