Amanda Alborano • Photographer


Meet Amanda Alborano

Photographer/Basis NY

As the collective of influencers and creators and photographers and bloggers becomes over saturated, it's been tough to find women who are cool, who do good work and who still want to learn, all in one person.

Knowing someone and cosigning someone are two very different things that have started to get muddled within groups of NYC cool kids. Everyone acts as if he/she is an expert on everything versus being honest about what they don't know and my clear frustrated about all of this boiled over as I vented to the king of championing talent that is genuine, Josh Madden.

He then asked if I knew Amanda Alborano, assuring me that she was in fact, all of the things I'm looking for when I'm considering women to feature for BWOB. And funnily enough, he sent her an email, she was a couple of blocks away, and not more than a half hour later, we got a coffee and she was everything I had hoped for when I meet women for BWOB: Honest, not after the numbers, after the work, constantly crafting, always looking to learn, pushing herself not for the sake of standing out, but being over all, on another level, better.

She's a part of Basis NY, which I've heard about for a while. While the Internet definitely brings people "together," meeting them IRL can take some time. Amanda was the reason I finally met her brother Chris, who took these photos of Amanda, and the third part of Basis, Christian. 

Follow us as we follow Amanda this week and see her new and old NY from the eyes of a photographer, student, member of Basis NY and all around great girl.


Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Chris Alborano of Basis NY