Meet Aleks Gezentsvey


Film editor

Greenpoint has been one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn since I moved here, but my knowledge of the neighborhood is pretty much limited to what's directly around McCarren Park. Enter Aleks Gezentsvey: Uzbekistan native, Assistant Editor of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II (with past projects like Salt and The Giver under her belt), and cat enthusiast. With a view overlooking McGorlick Park and a list filled with spots located nearby her apartment, Aleks is officially my go-to Greenpoint guide. Each of her places seem to have a meaningful reason for being on her list, like her favorite place to dance being the place where her fiancé proposed to her, and her favorite tourist attraction having a particular aesthetic detail that she'll never forget. With a love for her neighborhood and her finger on its pulse, Aleks is the essence of what we love to capture on BWOB. Madeline Turner

This week, follow us as we follow Aleks to some of her go-to places.


Aleks Gezentsvey is the assistant editor for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II. She has worked on a number of other films including Salt and The Giver.

Interview: Madeline Turner

Photography: Anthony Tafuro