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When I first started at By Way of Brooklyn, Sarah told me to think about who I would want to see as a feature and work my way up to them. I was never one to religiously follow fashion blogs, but there was something about Le-Happy that kept me checking back, and I knew that Lua would make a great feature for BWOB. Fast-forward a couple of months, and a shot-in-the-dark email turned into one of my biggest fangirl moments of all time.

Being surrounded by some of the daring dressers in Brooklyn has made me more comfortable with putting on things that I like, even if someone else might think I look insane. And that is why I love Luanna’s style. Her edgy yet effortless aesthetic makes fashion accessible. She reflected on the difficulty that her mother had in understanding why someone would want to wear secondhand clothes, and I recalled having the same experience with my mom.

Within the walls of her her perfectly accessorized Bushwick loft (complete with an enviable walk-in closet), Luanna told us her story, revealing that having thousands of Instagram followers doesn't mean you have to abandon your humility. Sometimes, the key to recognition is forgetting about it altogether and throwing on that crazy dress that all of your friends think is weird. —Madeline Turner

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Photography: Minnow Park

Go-To Spots:


This is going to be funny, but I'm obsessed with diners in general.



Vintage stores and thrift shops.

Urban Jungle 

118 Knickerbocker St., BKLYN



Beacon's Closet 

4 Guernsey St., BKLYN




Concerts. Nothing beats dancing to live music.



Coffee shops, one of my favorites is Swallow Cafe.

49 Bogart St., BKLYN






Take a girlfriend:  

Tutu's. Love that place to get some drinks and food.

25 Bogart St., BKLYN



Take a guy friend:

Pine Box. Probably my favorite bar.

12 Grattan St., BKLYN



Tourist attraction:

Not sure if it's a tourist attraction because many locals go there to breathe, but I'm in love with the Waterfront near Bedford.