Kivvi x SUPER • Photographer


From Louisville to Brooklyn to Beacon. 

We took our friend Kivvi out of Crown Heights and into the quaint Beacon, New York for a day trip with BWOB and SUPER sunglasses

We drove along the Hudson, found a waterfall, walked along train tracks and enjoyed what turned out to be an amazingly warm winter day. Kivvi popped into small Main Street shops; a cooking store called, Utensil who opened just a few weeks before we arrived. While grabbing a Guatamalen at Tas Cafe, we talked to a few artists and creative types who said that Beacon had changed from a small suburban community to a go-upstate-for-the-weekend, New York tourist spot. Then we rolled in with our cameras and cases full of SUPERs and obvious photo shoot set up and all had a good laugh about it. They didn't seem to mind. 

We stopped by Dia: Beacon, with it's beautiful outside garden, sitting right along the Metro North and the Hudson River. We talked about how nice it was to get out of the city, but like New Yorkers, talked about all of the plans we had right when we would return. From Brooklyn to Beacon and back. —Sarah Kim

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Photography: Minnow Park


Go-To Spots:


Public House 

247 Dekalb Ave., BKLYN



10 Ft Single 

285 N 6th St., BKLYN





81 South 6th St., BKLYN




Anywhere I find solitude.





Take a girlfriend:

Brooklyn Flea 

176 Lafayette Ave., BKLYN



Take a dude:

Cubana Social 

70 North 6th St., BKLYN



Tourist attraction:

Brooklyn Promenade 

Montague St. and Pierrepont Pl., BKLYN