Kat Oh • Le Barricou

Take a girlfriend: Le Barricou

After I've taken them to Bklyn Larder, Le Barricou is my next favorite spot. Specifically brunch. The interior's so cozy with that cute, French feel, and hopefully you're lucky enough to eat in the back by their old-school stove. Their drinks are delicious and most of the food is awesome. I haven't tried everything yet, but I LOVE their French toast. It's the perfect amount of sweet and crispy, and the texture of their toast is SO key and so on point. Their duck pate sandwich and fries are amazing too. If I write any more, I'm just going to repeat the words "yummy" and "awesome" and "Instagram-worthy."  

Le Barricou

533 Grand St., BKLYN


Photography: Kat Oh