Kat Oh • Dia Beacon

Think: Dia: Beacon

Living in the city makes it hard to think, like REALLY think. It takes me a lot to get in that place, but when I have the car (I share a car with my sister, but she usually has it at school) and some time (rare) I love to get out of the city and go to Dia: Beacon. First off, the actual space, with its high ceilings and expansive rooms, actually encourages and begs me to think. Not just about the art I'm seeing, but to reflect on my own life and thoughts. The museum is like my brain. It's kind of empty, but there are some beautiful, strange, and un-understandable things all jumbled together in a cacophonous harmony (I don't know if that makes sense, but even thinking about the museum gets me all lyrical and emo and in the mood to write a novel about all these feelings). Basically, Dia: Beacon is a place where I get to run away with my thoughts and express them silently in the art I'm seeing, even though I've been there a bunch of times. The first time I went there I was alone and on a personal retreat, so maybe it holds a more special place in my heartmindsoul than it would had I gone with a bunch of friends.

Dia: Beacon

3 Beekman St., Beacon, NY 


Photography: Kat Oh