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Upon entering Kat Oh’s picturesque technically Park Slope, but bordering Gowanus apartment, it’s apparent that it’s inhabited by someone with precise taste. A previous sartorial genius at Gentry (still her favorite spot to shop), Kat has found a new home at J. Crew where her menswear-inspired aesthetic is right at home. After throwing on an enviable Engineered Garments floral jacket, she led us around her neighborhood, not only showing us her favorite local establishments but pointing out places along the way that she finds particularly special. With her list of favorites reaching from deep Brooklyn to far-North Manhattan, Kat’s adventurous nature has brought us around the city, and we couldn’t think of a better feature girl to help kick off the new bywayofbrooklyn.com. —Madeline Turner  



OMG the best. place. EVER. I'm so blessed (praying hands emoji) that I live so close to this charming 'cheese and provisions shop.' They have the best sandwiches (salumi, provolone, spicy pickles OR ham, gruyere, spicy pickles)! They also make their own gelato and have seasonal foods that they prepare in-house. I will never get over this place, and I make sure to treat myself weekly. Whenever someone visits me or stays with me, I make sure to bring them here. Oh, they also have amazing desserts, and I have to say my favorite to date is the pumpkin whoopie pie.   

Brooklyn Larder

228 Flatbush Ave., BKLYN




After I've taken them to Bklyn Larder, Le Barricou is my next favorite spot. Specifically brunch. The interior's so cozy with that cute, French feel, and hopefully you're lucky enough to eat in the back by their old-school stove. Their drinks are delicious and most of the food is awesome. I haven't tried everything yet, but I LOVE their French toast. It's the perfect amount of sweet and crispy, and the texture of their toast is SO key and so on point. Their duck pate sandwich and fries are amazing too. If I write any more, I'm just going to repeat the words "yummy" and "awesome" and "Instagram-worthy."  

Le Barricou

533 Grand St., BKLYN




Living in the city makes it hard to think, like REALLY think. It takes me a lot to get in that place, but when I have the car (I share a car with my sister, but she usually has it at school) and some time (rare) I love to get out of the city and go to Dia: Beacon. First off, the actual space, with its high ceilings and expansive rooms, actually encourages and begs me to think. Not just about the art I'm seeing, but to reflect on my own life and thoughts. The museum is like my brain. It's kind of empty, but there are some beautiful, strange, and un-understandable things all jumbled together in a cacophonous harmony (I don't know if that makes sense, but even thinking about the museum gets me all lyrical and emo and in the mood to write a novel about all these feelings). Basically, Dia: Beacon is a place where I get to run away with my thoughts and express them silently in the art I'm seeing, even though I've been there a bunch of times. The first time I went there I was alone and on a personal retreat, so maybe it holds a more special place in my heartmindsoul than it would had I gone with a bunch of friends.

Dia: Beacon

3 Beekman St., Beacon, NY 




I'm obviously biased because I used to work here and these guys really helped me understand menswear on a different level. I had more of a technical understanding of menswear from school, but working at Gentry opened my eyes to so many new and smaller brands that were serious about and devoted to making a product that wasn't catered to the majority; instead, they made clothing that had layers, (his)stories, and function. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Gentry is truly one of the best men's stores out there, and I'm so glad I got to be part of that. 


109 S 5th Ste. #101, BKLYN




So...not many of my guy friends are into art, window shopping, and just walking around, or, at least, they won't admit it to me. The best place that I can think of bringing a guy friend is KBH, which is a beer hall right by my apartment. Its official, German name is "Die Koelner Bierhalle," and the vibes there are super fun because of the good food (spaetzles, pretzels, other foods with z's), "das boots" (beer glasses shaped like boots), and German staff (just makes it feel more authentic). The space is huge with super high ceilings and a ginormous TV screen for sport's fans, but I don't really watch sports unless it's soccer and Cristiano Ronaldo's playing... It's a fun and casual place where I can easily bring groups of friends, which is not an easy feat in NY. They also have an amazing grapefruit beer, which I drink because I'm not a real beer drinker.


84 St Marks Pl., BKLYN




I realized I only read outside when it's warm and when I don't make plans (which is rare in the summertime), so it's the subway! I find that a good book makes you lose track of time and place, and where better to do that than the subway? My commute's only 20 minutes (not even?), so I never get to read that much. However, it helps me on the way to work to not zone out and get sleepy and, on the way back home, to decompress. I am currently reading, like, 4 books at the same time (it's not working out so well), but it keeps my brain active.



I don't think this is THAT touristy...but I do love me some European paintings. I can never get over Van Gogh and all the Impressionists, Abstract Expressionists and some Minimalists. I only became familiar with these terms because I went to the Met and looked up these artists and their work. I'm a visual learner, so I'm very easily affected by things I see. There's not as much space to ponder things here, but I would easily admit to anyone that the Met's my favorite tourist spot.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Ave., NYC