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Tourist attraction: Brooklyn Bridge Park

I would take runs from my apartment right off of Columbia St., under the BQE and do a loop of the trail by the waterfront. Crazy how far the park has come since I lived in the area. Of course, it's best during the warmer months. There's always something new popping up here. When my parents visited last summer, I took them to the park, but not without crossing the Squibb Park Bridge. This foot bridge is connects Brooklyn Heights to the park. It's a bouncy, somewhat wobbly walk, all while feeling suspended over traffic. It took my mom some time to get over that bridge--she may or may not have cursed me out afterward--but she really liked the park once we got there. We spent a good few hours there checking out new vendors, and hanging near the waterfront. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

334 Furman St., BKLYN



Eat: Frankie's Spuntino

This gem is perfectly situated in Carroll Gardens. My go-to for any occasion. High quality Italian food made with simple ingredients. The boyfriend and I make an effort to go to Frankie's at least once a month, at least. I've taken so many visitors from out of town and have never gotten a bad review. You stay warm in the winter while they chef up your meal right in the center of the dining floor and you can dine in the back garden in the summer on cute little bistro tables. They serve ridiculously good BLTs for brunch and THE BEST cavatelli, hot sausage and brown butter dish you'll ever have.

Frankie's Spuntino

570 Hudson St., BKLYN


Take a girl friend: Three Diamond Door

Amazingly priced if you're on a budget. A little classic old school vibe with a jukebox, and it works. Great space in the back yard with plenty of seating, though I prefer the corner booth if no one's snatched it up yet. Best part of this place? Three words: Prosecco. On. Tap.

Three Diamond Door

211 Knickerbocker Ave., BKLYN


Read: Little Skips

My favorite coffee. My favorite corner table. A potluck of iTunes playlists coming through the speaker by the barista. My little piece of heaven. 

Little Skips

941 Willoughby St., BKLYN



Dance: Tutu's

This bar has some good food, good drinks, and good music. There's like this finesse that this place has where one minute you walk in around 6 or 7pm and the next thing you know people are flooding into the back bar and the downstairs to dance. It's always a good crowd and their DJs never disappoint. 

Tutu's Brooklyn 

25 Bogart St., BKLYN




I'm pretty much obsessed over the design on the inside of this dome. I feel like I'm in a beehive. I've never been there and not danced.

Kinfolk 94

94 Wythe Ave., BKLYN



Think: Brooklyn Heights Promenade  

I lived in Brooklyn Heights my sophomore year of college. Luckily, I was a couple blocks away from the entry to the promenade. It was  I would run the Brooklyn Bridge and make the promenade the last leg of my run, just to catch the sunset. I know it sounds like some corny straight-out-of-a-book stuff, but really, it was worth it. When I was living in Manhattan, sometimes I would take the train over the bridge just to go there. There's something about seeing the buildings of downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of liberty light up at night that never gets old to me.