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While there are lots of ladies killing it as editors, DJs and small business owners, there are just as many girls who are still on struggle street. Questions like, "who am I?" "what am I doing with my life?" "do I have to know now?" pervade and paralyze lots of talented youngins. Enter Jasmine Kim. Rather, question from Jasmine Kim in my tumblr ask box. The message was sincere but a little nervous and inquired about potentially helping with the projects I was working on. She wasn't like a lot of 20 year olds I had met. She supported herself, paid for her college tuition and talked about having to take care of responsibilities at home. And didn't complain about it. But she had questions, lots of them and instead of answering them I asked her more. And instead of asking her to be my intern, I asked her if she would be a feature in hopes of making other girls who feel like their on struggle street feel a little less alone. —Sarah Kim

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Photography: Minnow Park

Go-To Spots:


French Roast in the West Village for some fanciness 

78 West 11th St. #1, NYC


Negril Village 

70 West 3rd St., NYC



Woori Jip in Ktown

12 West 32nd St., NYC



Ellen on Ludlow (super duper gem) 

122 Ludlow St., NYC


Assembly NY

170 Ludlow St., NYC



The Salvation Army on the Westside

536 W 46th St., NYC




Broadway Dance Center for class

322 W 45th St., 3rd Fl., NYC



Output in Williamsburg for when my favorites preform!

74 Wythe Ave., BKLYN




A run on the FDR drive/Williamsburg Bridge.



The 7 train commute.


Take a girlfriend:

Nails at QQ

177 7th Ave., NYC


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

48 East 7th St., NYC



Take a guy friend:

Coney Island in the summa

37th St., Boardwalk, BKLYN



Tourist attraction:

The High Line 

14th St. and 10th Ave., NYC



Brooklyn Bridge Park, so many activities to do!     

334 Furman St., BKLYN