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Fine Artist, Mother

A lot of the time, the first question you ask or receive is, "so what do you do?" But depending on the setting, or the circumstances of how you met, you can know someone for a long time and never really know them.

I've had the pleasure to get to know Janie Samuels for the past four years. She's my Creative Director's wife and when they say behind a great man, there's a great woman, it's true. While I knew she gave the best hugs and was filled with kindness and wisdom, I didn't know that she had worked with Chuck Close for years. The extent of my art knowledge is free Fridays at the MoMA. So listening to Janie give real advice not only about her experience working with great artists, but how she balances being a wife and a mom and an artist was what blew all of our minds the day we finally got to interview and shoot her.

For my SVA, Pratt, Parsons, street artists, allow her interview to inform you a bit. Yea, she's an amazing artist but an even more amazing person.  —Sarah Kim

For the full archived interview, click here.

Photography: Minnow Park

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On my roof


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