Grace Lang +

Shop: The Bed-Stuy Salvation Army

It's huge and near my house. I don't shop for clothes super often, but love all Salvos because they are cheap and have the best used t-shirts. I'm very into used t-shirts. They are comfier than new ones and have experience. When it comes to things like jeans and shoes, I like having new stuff, but most of my other clothing comes from thrift stores. Going to thrift shops is one of the longest lasting loves of my life... my mom started taking me to them when I was like 10 and as a teenager, I was really into reconstructing weird thrift store party dresses. It was a cool way to learn more about clothing construction, since I used to sew a lot. There's no harm cutting up a dress you only paid $5 for!

The Salvation Army
13 Pulaski St., BKLYN

Dance: My Living Room

I like dancing, but kind of hate crowds of strangers, so I don't go to clubs or anything like that. I prefer to dance with my roommates and my cats.

Think: In the Shower

I do a lot of good thinking in the shower.

Read: My backyard and the Subway

I like reading in my backyard and listening to audio books on the subway. The audible app has actually made me enjoy the subway. Reading has always been important to me, but it can be tough to find time. I love audio books because I can listen while I'm painting. It feels better than having the TV on in the background.

Tourist Attraction: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The only tourist attraction I can think of in Brooklyn that I've been to is the Botanic Gardens, so I guess that. It's really beautiful and sprawling, so even when there are a lot of people there, you can always find a nice spot to sit alone. I'm partial to the koi pond because koi fish remind me of cats for some reason.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
990 Washington Ave., BKLYN

Interview: Madeline Turner
Photography: Anthony Tafuro