Dani • Marketing Manager


We randomly met in California, over brunch at some hipster DTLA spot. After we figured out who each other was through Twitter handles ("You're Hi I'm Sarah Kim?!", "You're Dani Charming?!"), we decided that we'd remain friends after we both arrived back to the East Coast. 

But it wasn't until I started asking Dani questions about her very real life on the day of our shoot, (how many 17 year old bartenders do you know that work at strip clubs and pay for their entire college tuition in ca$h?), that I realized I didn't know her at all. 

Dani's life story is not the typical, I want-to-work-in-fashion-when-I-grow-up tale. It's almost movie-like, featuring rappers, athletes, drug dealers, a random move to Hawaii and then back to her home in New York, except to Brooklyn and not the Bronx. And while she doesn't recommend her path for other young girls, it wouldn't be her story without all of it. —Sarah Kim

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Photography: Minnow Park

Go-To Spots:


Sweet Chick on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. They always play music with such great vibes; a mix of Marvin Gaye, Notorious BIG, Mtume.

164 Bedford Ave., BKLYN




I am more of a window shopper and people watcher. I usually shop in random places, no specific location. But i do enjoy getting inspired by Brooklyn residents.



Anywhere, haha. I always had my headphones on while roaming so I end up dancing where I stood. Most of the time I would really get in the groove at a corner waiting for the crosswalk light to change.



While on my bike, riding through the boroughs. I would have no real destination, but I did my best thinking while roaming on my bike. I loved crossing bridges.



The subway was my favorite place to read. I am always on the go, so subway rides were the perfect moments to catch up on a book for at least 20-30 minutes.


Take a guy friend:

I was kind of stumped on the two questions above. I didn't really have specific places for specific genders haha.


Tourist attraction:

I actually really love the steps at Union Sq. Perfect location for people watch and eat a plate of halal. 

201 Park Ave. S., NYC