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Founder, Deer Dana

I can't remember where I found Deer Dana's mix of awesome tracks that so perfectly summarized 2012, but it was so good that I listened to it well into 2013. Like on repeat. Sent it around. Made other people download it. 

The first time I visited BWOB Homme feature, Mike Cherman at LQQK Studio, I saw the Deer Dana sticker on the studio door and got really fan girl REAL QUICK. Interrogated him. "YOU KNOW DEER DANA?"  

Cherm told me LQQK printed Dana's stuff. He introduced us. I fanned out. But Dana didn't seem to mind. She was cool, asked me to take a tee. I took the Ye one. But I didn't know just how cool she was until we sat down to talk about her come up and how Deer Dana very organically happened for her. 

From illustrating her photos of friends and turning them to tees to wear out as a birthday surprise to collaborations with Miguel to Jay Z wearing her Basquiat tee, on the train, to Barclays, Dana is killing it.  —Sarah Kim

For the full archived interview, click here.

Photography: Minnow Park



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