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Chelsey Pickthorn has been cutting hair since she was a kid. After growing up in Portland with a knack for taming her friends' manes, she picked the most natural option when it came time to make a serious career move. Chelsey perfected her craft while in the Middle East and eventually ended up in New York, where she would eventually open up her current salon, Pickthorn.

Earning the title of "miracle colorist" is not easy to do, but Chelsey's unique approach to hair shaping and coloring has brought her deserved recognition. When a new client visits Pickthorn (something we were lucky enough to observe during our shoot), Chelsey undoes any bad coloring or cutting that the hair has previously endured. After getting her client's hair to a good base color and cut, her vision for their final look will start to form. Hair appointments are tailored specifically to each client's color, texture, and length, so no job is the same for Chelsey. 

Supermodels, pop stars, and international royalty litter Chelsey's client list and give an idea of how versatile her style can be. These days, the art of hair coloring is focused on the ability to make unnatural colors look natural. Chelsey's clients leave her salon with looks that harmonizes with their skin tones, face shapes, and personal styles, because her goal is to make their hair enhance everything else about them.

With a down-to-earth attitude and untouchable creative vision, Chelsey has picked the perfect place for her gem of a salon. Follow @pickthornbk on Instagram to keep up with some of Chelsey's most exciting new looks!




Every morning before work and on Sundays I like to go to Strangeways Coffee Shop around the corner from my house and studio. I sit, think and plot.

87 St. Nicholas Ave., BKLYN



Across the street from the salon. I go for the fresh-squeezed greyhounds and New Orleans-style food.

Heavy Woods
50 Wyckoff St., BKLYN


Dance: Pickthorn

At the studio we produce parties throughout the year. We also put on an annual music festival called Color Me Bushwick. I save my dancing for our parties.

61 Wyckoff Ave., BKLYN


Eat: La Lupe Cantina

La Lupe! The best Mexican food in Brooklyn.

La Lupe Cantina
9 Jefferson St., BKLYN

Shop: Portland

Whenever I go back home to Portland I shop. Tax-free shopping sprees!

Read: The Beach

I save my reading for when I'm at the beach or traveling. Usually catch up on my fashion magazines and favorite blogs.

Tourist Attraction: Webster Hall and B.B. King Blues Club

Webster Hall and B.B. King Blues Club have the best shows. I usually save my tourism and trips to the city for concerts and to any rooftop in Brooklyn to admire the city from afar.

Webster Hall
125 E. 11th St., NYC

B.B. King Blues Club
237 W 42nd St., NYC