BWOB Homme • In Search of Greater Goods

AJ the Barber, Aaron Melaragno and Zach Cooper

In Search of Greater Goods


The team at BWOB is well acquainted with Indiegogo, fundraising to make our dreams of our first print issue come true. And in the spirit of dream making, our friends Aaron, AJ the Barber and Zach are raising money to get their show, In Search of Greater Goods, up and running.

The day we shot the above video, AJ told us stories of his time at Frank’s Chop Shop and his rap (but not limited to) clientele, he reminisced about growing up in Staten Island and how he’s seen the city change, while some places have stayed true to their roots. 

Enter Aaron formerly at The Fader’s Cornerstone, now at Team Epiphany, who, like many of his now homies, met AJ while sitting in his chair. Talking for two hours upon meeting about vintage and hip hop and aspirations, they decided to take their friendship to the next level by making their ideas into a show where they go around the world to talk about community and small business and people doing those things authentically. 

But they’d need a videographer to help document these adventures. Enter infamous, million nicknamed Zach Cooper who is about as good behind the camera as he is in front of it. Traveling constantly for Complex and anyone else in need of his videographing talents, Zach’s the man making ISOGG interviews and shots come to life. 

Watch the first episode of ISOGG and give them your money because small business and big ideas need it to tell the untold stories that are too busy being written to tell it themselves. 


In Search of Greater Goods Fundraiser on Indiegogo

Videography: Bob Awesome

Editing:  Tim Etienne and Aaron Melaragno