Ashley Outrageous • 983 Bushwick's Living Room

Eat: 983-Bushwick's Living Room

Seriously, this place and their banana walnut pancakes have stolen my heart. It's only a few blocks from my apartment and throughout the past year of living here, it's low-key (or maybe high-key) become an addiction. Everytime someone has come to visit me, I've taken them here. It must be pretty serious if me and my roommates have to tell ourselves "no bushwick living room this week!" quite often right? So breakfast happens to be served all day and its delicious! But if you're not a breakfast person (I still don't understand how there are people who don't like breakfast like, what?!), their buffalo chicken and club sandwich are my favorites. Their signature mama's meat loaf is also fire and if you go for brunch, I'd recommend the eggs benedict, normal style. 

Just realized I didn't list anything for vegetarians really but the way my appetite is set up....


983-Bushwick's Living Room

983 Flushing Ave., BKLYN 



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