Anna Sian • Go-To Spots



Ample Hills Creamery
I only ever ate what I called "Triple C. D." when I was a kid, that’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for y’all laypeople. But places like Ample Hills and other delicious bougie Brooklyn Ice Cream shop(pes, if you will) have put me on to some new flavors, and some fresh takes on the classic ones. 

Brooklyn Flea
Sometimes it’s a bit overpriced for what it is. But there are often gems to be found, and it’s worth it just to be outside on the weekend.



One Last Shag
Super chill bar in Bed Stuy that plays good music and is super open to people of all shapes, sizes, races, genders, etc. 



My apartment at magic hour, with some tea and jazz records (not joking, does this make me a hipster)



C Train
Favorite place to read is on the C train, hands down. Before I go underground I load up my NYT app so it's all refreshed with the latest happenings, and sometimes I'll have a real (analog) book with me. 



Coney Island
There are other more beautiful beaches, sure, but Coney has all the personality. I’ve been coming to Coney Island for what seems like forever, for the hot dogs, mermaid parades, and boardwalk weirdness… and if you venture off just a bit you can get to L&B’s pizza (mentioned above) and Brighton Beach which is equally amazing and still so Russian. 

Shake Shack on Jay St.
I may be biased because we’re working with Shake Shack on a collaboration and because their sweet marketing team brings burgers to my office all the time, but I looove Shake Shack burgers, with their perfect Pat La Frieda patties and cheese and Martin’s potato buns. I’m salivating right now thinking about them! The Jay Street location is my personal fave because I never have to wait too long.




Walking the bridge with my camera, or finding new rooftops with my camera. Basically doing anything with my camera makes me look like a tourist, anyway…Taking pictures is my absolute favorite thing to do when I have free time!


Interview: Sarah Kim

Photography: Minnow Park