Adina • SW Basics


Founder of SW Basics of Brooklyn

I should’ve known since I was getting an intro to Adina of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn through Kaity, who is one of the editors I used to work with, that Adina was going to be awesome.

Talking with Adina was like a breath of fresh air. She’s one of those people who talks with her hands, her whole body and one of those people who definitely has stories to tell. The kind you want to listen to. It wasn’t like talking to a lot of “business people.” She so wonderfully embodies these new entrepreneurs that Brooklyn seems to be filled with. They’re not only passion, but super smart about what they’re doing.

When I shared with her what I was working on, she kept it real about where it’s been hard for S.W. Basics, how money’s worked for them, how PR goes and so no. She’s also the type of entrepreneur to joke about global domination and call Stringer Bell of the Wire one of her role models. I mean, she said she was kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t. Because with Adina, it very much seems like anything is possible. —Sarah Kim   

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Photography: Minnow Park




Mable's Smokehouse. The south in Brooklyn? Yes please.

44 Berry St., BKLYN




Beacon's Closet. What a goldmine.

74 Guernsey St., BKLYN




In my living room with the curtains shut!



The McCarren Park track

Driggs & Manhattan Ave., BKLYN



Standing in the middle of Word Bookstore while I annoy everyone around me because it's too crowded.

126 Franklin St., BKLYN



Take a girl friend:

Bakeri in Greenpoint. It is so gorgeous and cozy.

105 Freeman St., BKLYN



Take a guy friend:

Dirck the Norseman

7 North 15th St., BKLYN



Tourist attraction:

Everything by the Brooklyn Flea gang

176 Lafayette Ave., BKLYN